About Us

Our History

Founded by Gary Thorvaldson in 1989, Parkland Drilling Services has been providing drilling services to Saskatchewan residents all over the province. Parkland Drilling is a family operated business with strong Saskatchewan roots. Centrally located in Saskatoon has the advantage of covering most of the province.


Growing from one small water rig to three large capacity, well outfitted rigs and assorted support equipment, Parkland Drilling is committed to providing professional services to the province.

Our Family

Jared Thorvaldson

Garys son Jared has continued the day to day operations. Starting full time in 1996, immediately following graduation, he was working behind the rig. Be it from drilling to servicing and quotes and tenders, Jared is focused on customer service and quality.

Gary Thorvaldson

Gary’s career in drilling began in the late 1960’s with water well and siesmic drilling in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Although he maintains a more consulting role his knowledge of well drilling and completions is invaluable.