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About Us

Our History

Established in 1989 by Gary Thorvaldson, Parkland Drilling Services has a long-standing tradition of offering comprehensive drilling solutions across Saskatchewan. With deep family ties to the region, we pride ourselves on being a family-operated business that embodies the strong spirit of Saskatchewan. Our central location in Saskatoon enables us to efficiently serve a wide expanse of the province, ensuring we’re always within reach for our clients.


Parkland Drilling has seen significant growth from its humble beginnings with a single water rig. Today, we boast a fleet of three high-capacity, fully equipped drilling rigs, complemented by a range of support equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of our projects. Our expansion reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering professional, top-tier drilling services across the province. With a focus on innovation, safety, and environmental stewardship, we continue to adapt and evolve to serve our communities better, ensuring access to vital resources with efficiency and precision.

Our Family

Jared Thorvaldson

As Gary Thorvaldson’s son, Jared has seamlessly taken the helm of day-to-day operations at Parkland Drilling. Diving into the family business full-time in 1996 right after his graduation, Jared began his career on the front lines, working directly with the rigs. His extensive hands-on experience spans from drilling to servicing, as well as managing quotes and tenders. At the core of Jared’s approach is a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service and maintaining the highest quality standards. His leadership ensures that every project meets the meticulous Parkland Drilling standard, reflecting the company’s dedication to excellence.

Gary Thorvaldson

Gary Thorvaldson embarked on his distinguished drilling career in the late 1960s, mastering the fields of water well and seismic drilling across Saskatchewan and Alberta. Today, while Gary has transitioned into a more consultative role within Parkland Drilling, his deep-rooted knowledge and expertise in well drilling and completions remain an invaluable asset to the team. His extensive experience not only shapes the strategic direction of the company but also ensures the continuation of its legacy of excellence, guiding the next generation of drilling professionals.